Adding Value To Your Home

How to Add Value by Painting Your Home

Whether you are preparing to put your house on the market or simply looking to perform some cosmetic improvements, painting both the interior and exterior of your home can add value to your property. A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest ways to transform a room or entire interior. And don’t forget to work with an exterior painter, too—according to Consumer Reports, a fresh paint job on the exterior of your home can increase your property value by up to 5%. Follow these tips when deciding to paint your home.

1. Choose the right rooms to paint

If you do not want to paint every room in your house, we recommend painting only the most frequently trafficked homes, such as the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are the most likely to need a new paint job, as they see the most day-to-day wear and tear. You or your prospective buyers are also more likely to notice any worn paint jobs in the rooms where you spend the most time.

2. Choose neutral color palettes

For both indoor and exterior painting, choosing a neutral color scheme will make your space the most versatile and appeal to the largest possible pool of buyers. For the exterior of your home, we recommend choosing warm and inviting colors, like taupe. For the interior, buyers tend to be the most attracted to whites, off-whites, grays, and beiges, as they can imagine themselves in the space more readily.

3. Choose the right type of paint

For highly trafficked interior spaces and/or if you are intending to sell your home soon, choose a paint type that leaves a smooth surface while hiding old paint well. For the exterior of your home, there are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a type of paint. If your home is made of a standard flat surface like siding or wood, you can use a standard outdoor paint, while elastomeric paint is a better choice for textured surfaces such as stucco or brick. If you live in a sunny and dry climate, latex paint can be a good choice, whereas a high-humidity area may require mold-resistant paint. A painting contractor can help you decide which specific paints are right for your style, home, and budget.

4. Work with an expert

By working with a professional painting service, you can rest assured that your paint job—whether interior, exterior, or both—is completed efficiently and cleanly. Professional interior and exterior painters know the techniques necessary to perform a quality paint job on your home, have the attention to detail to ensure that everything looks great, and can provide the correct types of paint and tools for the best results possible.

All in all, whether you choose to touch up a couple of rooms or completely repaint the interior and exterior of your home, following the above tips and working with a professional painting service like the Painting Contractors Boston MA can add value to your home and make it more aesthetically pleasing.